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Classlink Login Issues - "Oops" Error - Resolved!

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We are currently experiencing an issue with Classlink where the launchpad is not properly opening up. Many are getting a "Oops Something Bad Happened" error message.

You can view the updated status directly from Classlink here:

We are working to get this resolved with the company and will update here via our helpdesk announcements area as information becomes available.

Update from Classlink:
  1. 10:19AM - Investigating - We've received reports regarding slow logins. The team is working to identify the cause and will restore service as quickly as possible.

  2. 10:39AM - Identified - We have identified an issue with our caching servers. Our developers are currently working as quickly as they can on a resolution.

  3. 10:40AM - Update - We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue

  4. 10:53AM - Update - We are still investigating the issue on our caching servers. Our developers are working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue.

  5. 11:07AM - Update/Fix- Our developers have deployed a fix that is beginning to improve login performance. We are hoping that things will continue to improve. We will continue to update you on further developments.

  6. 11:14AM - Monitoring/Resolution - The fix our developers have implemented has brought everything back to a stable state. We are continuing to monitor the situation.

  7. 11:26AM - Resolved!


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